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How much should I pay for a galaxy S9?

Galaxy S9 prices start at $97 and cost $148 on average as of August 2022. Galaxy S9 prices will continue to get cheaper over time.

How much does Samsung S9+ cost?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus price in Nigeria starts at around 145,000 Naira. You can buy the device for around $165 in the United States, 157 GBP in the United Kingdom, 28,500 KSh in Kenya and 1,490 GHS in Ghana.

Is S9 still worth buying?

Is it worth buying an S9 in 2021? With the S9 now costing around $200 on the refurbished market, it surely is still a good buy. Since this phone was Samsung’s flagship release in 2018 (together with the S9 Plus and Note 9) you can expect fast internals that will make the phone stay speedy for a few years to come.

Is Galaxy S9 waterproof?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ is rated IP68, using the Ingress Protection rating system. The dust rating is 6 (highest level of protection), and the water resistance rating is 8 (water-resistant up to 5 feet for up to 30 minutes).

When did galaxy S9 come out?

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ launched on March 16, and as you might imagine, there is plenty of buzz surrounding the devices.

Which is newest Samsung phone?

Samsung has unveiled its 2022 flagship lineup. The newest Samsung phones in the Galaxy S series are now the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ and the Galaxy S22 Ultra. These devices are powered by the Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipsets with availability varying by region.

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Is S9 dual SIM?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 with dual SIM provides all of the great features of the S9 model, but with the added benefit of dual Sim capabilities. The dual SIM slots allows for the use of 2 different SIM cards within the same device which means the user can switch between either of the SIMS to make or receive phone calls.

Is Samsung S9 discontinued?

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung’s flagship phones from 2018, has reached the end of life (EoL). Both phones won’t receive any new software updates from Samsung anymore, with the March 2022 security update being the last one.

Is Galaxy S9 a 4G phone?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has now been configured for use of 4G networks.

How much is Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB?

Today the lowest price on Galaxy S9 64GB is 280.00. For that price you get a new model with a display from one of the major brands. A phone which also has an eight-core processor and 64 GB internal storage. This model is one of the most popular phones right now and has a review average of 4.54 out of 5.

Is 64GB enough for Samsung S9 plus?

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are only available to purchase with 64GB of built-in storage. For many, this just isn’t enough storage space, especially when you account for the size of 4K videos, photos, and music. Thankfully, owners can add up to 400GB of additional storage via a microSD card…

How long will an S9 last?

Performance and software The Galaxy S9 proves that smartphone hardware these days is perfectly capable of lasting four years or longer — provided software support is extended long enough.

Which is better S9 or S9 Plus?

Can S9 take pictures underwater?

Yes. Don’t be afraid to get wet. The Galaxy S9/S9+ both have an IP68 rating, meaning you don’t have to stop texting or taking photos on account of rain.

Is Samsung S9 camera good?

It’s excellent as ever, but possibly not that big of an upgrade over the Samsung Galaxy S8. In bright light, the pictures from the Galaxy S9 are without equal in terms of clarity; there’s a sharpness, brightness and overall quality that still stuns when you learn it’s come from a smartphone camera.

Does Samsung S9 have fingerprint?

Galaxy S9|S9+ provides fingerprint recognition as a screen lock setting so you get to enjoy quick and easy access – while all others keep out. Register a Fingerprint: First you’ll need to register your fingerprint. Open Settings, and then search for and Select Fingerprint Scanner.

When should I replace my S9?

Your four-year-old Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ will no longer receive security updates. Both phones have officially met the end of their lifecycle and will grow vulnerable to security exploits as their software ages. Unfortunately, that means it’s time to look for a replacement.

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Will my Galaxy S9 work with 5G?

Galaxy S9 hits 5G download speeds on a current LTE network.

What replaced Samsung S9?

There’s the Galaxy S20, which is seen as the successor to the S9, the S20 Plus that replaces the S9 Plus, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra that’s in a league of its own.

Why does S9 take so long to charge?

Hardware Reasons for Slow Charging on the Samsung Galaxy S9 There is dirt, dust, or debris lodged in the charging port. The power adapter is damaged or faulty. The USB cable is no longer working properly. You are using the wrong power adapter for your phone, or a weak USB port.

How many GB is Samsung S9?

The S9 and S9 Plus announced back in March, but it only made 64GB versions available to carriers. You’ll now be able to pick up both models with 128GB or 256GB of built-in storage. You can then add up to 400GB of additional storage with an optional microSD card.

Which Samsung phone has best camera?

Galaxy Z Flip 3. Add to Compare. Galaxy S22. Add to Compare. Galaxy A53 5G. Add to Compare. Galaxy S22 Ultra. Add to Compare. Galaxy A52s 5G. Add to Compare. Galaxy S22 Plus. Add to Compare. ₹ 84999. Galaxy F23 5G. Add to Compare. ₹ 13999. Galaxy A33 5G. Add to Compare. ₹ 25499.

Which phone of Samsung is best?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The best Samsung phone you can buy. Samsung Galaxy S22. Many of the Galaxy S features for less. Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus. Samsung Galaxy A53. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. Galaxy A32 5G. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Are there any problems with the Galaxy S9?

Quite a few users have reported a problem where the display has difficulty revealing details in darker areas of videos, showing blocks of black or pixelated images instead. This issue is mostly seen with the larger Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and at low brightness levels.

How long do Samsung phones last?

However, provided your Samsung gets no other physical damage, you can expect a Samsung Android device to last for probably at least 6-7 years before it just dies from old age–and maybe much longer.

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